Model 3


A revolutionary new product, the Model 3 is a Variable Contrast B-W diffusion lamp house utilizing blue, green and red LED’s  in a housing similar to the Model 2.  Using an Apple iOS device as a novel, wireless controller, the user is given complete control over print exposure and contrast to a degree never before possible.  The Model 3 incorporates a complete, on-board computer that communicates via Bluetooth to a controller app on your iPhone, iPad or iPod.  The app is free and is updated regularly to provide Model 3 users additional features at no additional cost! Like the Model 2, the Model 3 will work on Omega D series enlargers (D2, D3, D5 and D6).

Features unique to the Model 3:

Wireless contrast and exposure control.

Contrast controllable in 0.1 grade steps.

Exposure controllable to 0.1 second.

Built-in metronome.

Built-in red positioning lamp.

Full brightness focusing mode.

Features upgradable via software.

Efficient - consumes only 40 Watts of power.

The Model 3 shares these great Features with the Model 2:

Diffuse illumination minimizes dust and scratches on negatives.

Improved shadow detail by elimination of the Callier effect.

Stable brightness from the start of exposure to the end.

Uniform illumination from corner to corner.

Long lasting.  Designed to last 50,000 hours or more.

Rugged, all metal enclosure for years of service.

Adjustable to fit precisely on every compatible Omega enlarger (D2, D3, D5, D6).

Low profile improves enlarger headroom for low ceilings.

Safe, low voltage operation.

Easy to install. No tools required.

Beautiful, wrinkle black finish.

Worldwide operation on North American and European voltage.


LED diffusion lamp house as shown.

External power supply for both North American and European voltages.

Allen wrench.

Note:  Thumb screws to attach the unit to the enlarger’s lifting arms are NOT included.  It is assumed these are already present on your enlarger.  If replacement thumb screws are needed, they are readily available on eBay or other sources on the web.

The Model 3 is no longer unavailable and will not return as an iOS controlled device.  A replacement to the Model 3 is in the works which uses a stand-alone touch screen controller much like the original iOS app.  Stay tuned.

Preview the controller app on your iPhone 4S or greater, third generation or greater iPad, iPad mini, or fifth generation iPod Touch.  Just search the Apple app store for “Modern Enlarger Lamps Advanced Lamp Controller” or click on the link below.

It is recommended that you devote an older iOS device to your Model 3 and that you do not update the device to the newest iOS version until it has been tested to be compatible with the controller app.